This cute newborn baby girl doesn’t even know that she has a watchdog outside her crib.

When parents brought her home they were wondering about how accepting the dog will be of the new family member. And they contemplated that there could be some jealousy and such. But when they brought their daughter home they were amazed at what their dog did. They were totally shocked.

Focus on leadership. Nine months is more than enough time for you and your pet to work through most issues and smooth out any unwanted habits, and for you to establish yourself as the unwavering pack leader. If necessary, hire a professional to work with you. You will appreciate the work you put in now when you bring your newborn home to a calm, well-behaved dog. Source: cesarsway

According to the same source the dog has to be prepared and it doesn’t matter what breed it is. The dog has to be prepared or accidents could happen. The dog needs to know who is the leader in the family and that there is a new family member coming. The dog has to be familiar with the smell of the newborn and trained on other important aspects as well.
Beautiful Choc Labrador Retriever Dog

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