What To Look For When Adopting Or Buying A Dog – The Perfect Dog For You

Everybody Knows Who Cesar Milan Is…Some Might Not Agree With Everything He Is Teaching, But Everybody Knows Him.

In this video, Cesar is talking about very important but, highly overlooked, aspects of adopting a dog. When you are going to a shelter or a rescue organization to adopt a dog. A lot of people look at the dog’s temperament…but what they should do, according to Cesar, is to look at themselves. When they are around dogs they should be calm and assertive. The dogs sense your energy and if you are nervous etc. you will attract a wrong kind of energy and might attract a wrong kind of dogs that might not be the ones for you. If dogs are too close to you and jumping up and down asking for attention, these dogs are not the dogs that Cesar says he would choose.

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