Heartwarming Reunion of a Dog Lost for 22 Months – Touching Moment

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The family has lost hope…after almost two years that their beloved pet has gone missing, who can blame them.

And then like in a fairytale the “door opened” and a dog appeared… But in this story the phone rang and the voice on the other side said, that their dog was found thanks to the microchip and that they can come and pick him up. The family was so happy…despite everything they still loved their lost dog and deep inside were still hoping that one day the “door” would open and their beloved dog will appear.

This family was waiting for so long to get their dog in the first place…before they brought their pet home, they were planning and when they finally did get the dog, a year later that perfect pet disappeared. So, now when they were driving to get the dog back, a lot of thoughts were running through their heads, and they were probably planning again how they will reunite with their pet and how to keep him happy, healthy and to make sure that what has happened, will never happen again.

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.