Leaving Your Pet While Going On Vacation? Check Out What One Dog Dad Did for his Pup. AMAZING!

If you’ve ever had a dog know that you are about to leave them, you know this moment can be a heartbreaking one. Igor’s dad felt the same way, and wanted to give his puppy the best home away from home without the standard kennel experience most dogs have to endure. The dad in the video made arrangements with the kennel and spent a number of days putting together an exact replica of the family living room—all fitting into the space of Igor’s new kennel.

As Igor’s new temporary home is revealed, the family is just as shocked and excited as he is. Igor bounds into his family room, jumping on the couch and playing with his bones. When he gets sad or lonely, he has the family blanket to smell and cuddle with, all the while looking at family pictures hanging on the wall.

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As far as we can tell, Igor enjoyed his time away from his family. Though he definitely missed them, having the comfort of his new mini-home was just what he needed to make new friends and enjoy his very own dog-cation.

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