If Only Everybody Did Exactly What This Cop Did…World Would Be A Much Better Place To Live In

Unfortunately, there was no one who claimed the dog and the cops couldn’t figure out either if there was indeed anyone who owned the pup. The officers went back and the puppy had several baths to be cleansed properly.
Failing to find the owner, Officer James Gettings decided to take the puppy home. He named the little one Puddle and decided to keep him at his place. Ever since then Puddle has been staying at the Gettings residence. Gettings is happy to have Puddle but it seems the latter is happier. At home, Puddle is now the primary user of the bed, he chooses to do whatever he likes and whenever he likes, from confiscating Gettings’ shoes to lording over the house. Gettings has given Puddle a free reign but of course being a cop he would also turn out to be a good trainer when the time comes. For now and hopefully forever, Puddle has a friend and dad combined into one, a family and a home. Puddle will perhaps never be in trouble again.

You can read the full story this review is based on here.
Main image credit: St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office

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