Extraordinary Dog and Other Rescues Caught On Tape That You’ll Wish Will Never Happen To You

Not all Heroes Wear Capes: Faith of Humanity Restored

Can you ever listen to the painful howl of a dog and not respond by doing anything? If you are a person with even the slightest level of compassion, then you can never ignore a dog in need – or any animals, for that matter. This compilation starts with such a situation when a dog is painfully howling, not being able to get away from a crack in the ice.
A rescue squad carefully approaches the dog and rescues him by a hook that they attach into the dog’s collar. There is a great applause from the crowd after they manage the task. It is times like these which bring pride to the mind about being born as a human since most of the times the stories you hear are about why we should ashamed to be so.
Another video shows the rescue of cattle stuck in a well. These animals are used to run around the nature freely, and when they are force to be in the vicinity of humans, they are more likely to get into dangers like this. It is, therefore, our responsibility to ensure of their safety or rescue them in case they get into one. There are a plenty more clips with horses and other animals being rescued as well, however, we as humans tend to have an extra level of sensitivity concerning dogs. It is a bond which has been created and nurtured since the days we were cavemen and dogs our protectors. It has been proven even scientifically that the attachment between a dog and its owner is just as powerful – if not more from a strong bond between two humans.

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