His Girlfriend Made Him Choose Between Her And His Dog…Now See The Ad He Places On Craigslist In Response

This Is A¬†True Testament¬†That Dog Is Man’s Best Friend

In terms of animals, it’s almost impossible to top the loyalty and incredible nature of dogs. One article I read recently exemplifies the importance of this bond, and how it often trumps any all other relationships. One such article was written about a man’s experience with a petulant girlfriend that wanted the man to get rid of the animal. Because the man loved his dog so much, he instantly put up an ad on Craigslist.

From reading the Craigslist posting , at first, you think it’s about finding a new home for the dog. It’s complete with brilliant dog-like descriptions of the girlfriend. At the end of it however, it closes with the statement that the dog-owner instead wants a new home for the girlfriend, not the dog. I think this posting, albeit humorous, is actually very serious in terms of what it says about our relationships with the animals around us, especially our dogs.

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