We think it is a very important for all of the police departments to implement mandatory all staff dog training.

To make sure that animals don’t suffer when they don’t need to. We have reported about police shooting labrador, earlier this year. They claimed that they did it in self defense. Everyone was stunned about that incident and the dog’s owner was outraged. To avoid situation like that police force has to be trained not just once in a blue moon, but we think it should be on a regular basis to make sure the information is always on the minds of the officers. These type of incidents can easily be avoided with just a simple understanding between attacking dog and a curious/friendly dog.


We would go even further to suggest that should take a filed trips to places where they can interact and familiarize themselves with dogs to be able to learn dogs habits, postures, like, dislikes this ensure that unfortunate incident described in one of our stories (see link above) will be very rare. 

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