Rescue Dog Loses His Mind When His New Dad Comes Home

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How do you react when you see your best friend after a long time, like a really long time?

In the world we are in today, it is not too easy to stay together all the time. Most people will remain distance, either for work or for any other reason but out of wish. Kids are compelled to spend very little time with their parents, even married couples don’t get to spend as much time as they would want to be together, friends have less and less time as we evolve further and rarely do we get to meet everyone we want.

It is no different for pets. In any case, a pet has to stay on his or her own for most hours of the day unless someone is a stay at home mom or dad, runs a home-based business or is retired. The fact is, people have to stay away from one another and pets have to stay away from their owners. It is this staying away, the distance and the longing that creates the kind of reactions we get to see when people reunite and also when pets reunited with their parents.
Patch is Staffordshire terrier who was rescued and later adopted from the Scottish SPCA. Being a dog who has been exposed to pain and has witnessed what could go wrong, he is more conscious of the good when it happens.rescue dog goes crazy
image source: Scottish SPCA

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.