This Shelter Dog Cannot Contain Her Excitement About Getting Adopted

After all a family of two or four will have more time for a dog or two than a handful of staffs will have for dozens of dogs. Some shelters have scores of dogs with varied needs.
Dogs at a shelter look forward to a day when they will get to be with a family. When that day comes, a dog may be partly sad and partly happy. Some dogs are very happy because they simply could not deal with the reality of not having an immediate family. Such was the case with Coso. She is a seven years old Australian sheepdog mix. After being surrendered at a shelter in the city of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, she had been a little sad. Although taken care of, she did not like living without a family. She needed a forever home. When she was adopted and got to meet her new family, she was ecstatic. She has been photographed expressing her joy with her paws high up in the air, symbolizing freedom and her ardent longing for a life with a family for the rest of her life.
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Image source: Lort Smith Hospital

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