If Only Everybody In The World Saw This Video…This Is Why You Shouldn’t Buy Dogs From A Pet Stores!

Dogs In Pet Stores Video
When people see a litter of puppies at the pet store, they don’t really think twice about it. They see a group of adorable puppies. They might stop to look. They may even take one of its cages. In some cases, people obviously buy the dogs and take them home.

But do you know where these puppies come from? The video I’m talking about lays out in no uncertain terms that these dogs often come from puppy mills and similar establishments. These places abuse, neglect, and torture dogs. All of this is done in the name of producing puppy litters that can be sold to local pet stores. A number of pet stores refuse to take part in such grotesque activities. Unfortunately, a lot of pet stores still remain involved.
should not buy dog from pet store

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When you want to get a dog of your own, look to the shelters and similar locations. Do not support groups, companies, or individuals who are looking to do nothing more than profit from the suffering of other creatures.


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