If Only Everybody In The World Saw This Video…This Is Why You Shouldn’t Buy Dogs From A Pet Stores!

Please don’t misunderstand me: When I tell you that you shouldn’t buy dogs from pet stores, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t patronize pet shops at all.

Obviously, if you’re like me, and you own one or several dogs, your local pet store is a vital part of your routine. A couple of the big chains can be found in my area, but I honestly prefer to visit my locally-owned pet store. I know everyone who works there. I can always count on assistance and advice. The variety of products and prices are great, as well.

However, I would never buy a dog from my favorite pet store, which doesn’t even sell dogs to begin with. A long time ago, I made the decision to never buy a dog from a pet store. At the very least, you shouldn’t even consider pet stores, if you have one or several rescue shelters in your area. These are the dogs that have been abused, tortured, or simply abandoned. These are the dogs that need your love and attention more than just about anyone.
Recently, I happened to watch a video that emphasized my viewpoint in saddening fashion. When you see this video for yourself, I think you’ll be inclined to agree with me. In fact, when you see this video, I don’t think you will want to buy a dog from a pet store ever again.

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