The 3 Best Remedies for Ear Infections in Labrador Retriever Dogs


It is quite common for Labrador Retrievers or “Lab Dogs” to encounter ear problems. Unfortunately, this breed of dog has not evolved with the best ears designed to protect their health. Unlike dogs with upright ears, which allows for a good amount of air flow that can help to stop infections, Labrador Retrievers, and some other breeds, have ears that flop downwards, meaning that the ear canal is prone to developing a warm and dark environment, perfect for germs and other types of fungus to breed.
If you have noticed that your Lab Dog has started to shake or flap its head and ears, then it may have an ear infection. Alternatively, you may notice a strong smell coming from the ear canal, or that your dog is scratching at its ears or rubbing its head on the ground. However, in some cases, it may not show any signs at all that it has an ear infection.


What types of ear infections can affect my Labrador Retriever?

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The 3 most common causes of ear problems in Lab Dogs are ear mites, yeast infections, and bacterial infections. It is important to begin treatment immediately, as any type of ear infection left untreated can not only cause extreme irritation for the dog, the potential for hematoma’s and bleeding from scratching, but also permanent deafness in more severe cases.

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