Top 10 World’s Rarest Dog Breeds You Might Not Know About!

  1. The Stabyhoun.

The Stabyhoun was an all-around dog the originated in the Netherlands. They came from Friesland and have been known to be mentioned in Dutch Literature dating way back the early 1800s, that’s how old this breed is. They are great pointing and retrieving hunting dogs and are used in catching vermins as well as protecting owners and properties. It is said that these beautiful rare babies cost around 1,000 pounds.

  1. The New Guinea Singing Dog.

Another world’s rarest dog breeds are the New Guinea Singing Dog that used to live in the wild of New Guinea. Now, they are bred and domesticated and loved for their unique way of vocalizing. They are not literally singing, but the sounds they are able to make sounds like singing. They are known to be one of the most primitive canines of the world, and some even recommend them to be not suitable for pets.

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  1. The Fila Brasileiro.

The Fila Brasileiro also was known as the Brazilian Mastiff were originally guard and hunting dogs. These Brazilian dogs are famous for their excellent tracking abilities and aggressive nature. They hunt until they find a quarry, and keeps it at bay making sure it does not escape until his hunters find them. They make incredible loyal pets, but very wary of strangers.

Which rare dog breed did you find interesting? I got my eyes on the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, the Mudi, and the Kooikerhondje. I’ve always wanted a wolfdog, and the two other breeds I’ve mentioned are fascinating. Which breed would you want to own as a pet? What other rare breeds do you know? Would you even consider getting a dog breed so rare and hold a big responsibility of making sure they won’t be extinct? I do! Well maybe not in the near future, but definitely got my eyes on them someday.

Watch the awesome video below and let us know what you think!

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