You Will Not Believe When You See What He Makes His Dog Do… Amazing!

He was secretly filmed. He didn’t think that anybody is watching.

Like Master, Like Dog

When you bring a new dog home for the first time, you might very well have dreams about what your relationship with your dog will be like. Most humans dream of having a relationship with their new pet that is a deep kind of bond. Other owners dream of training their dog to bring them the morning newspaper or they spend time training them how to roll over and shake paws. There are even some owners who buy a dog in hopes that they will be more of a companion to them than just a pet who stays at home – their dog’s travel to the grocery story with them, to the bank, and are even given their own treats when going through the drive through.

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No matter the high hopes you have for your new dog, none could hope to be as grand as the man who taught his dog how to rap. That’s right- there’s a master and pup duo out there right now who are spending their days swaying to hip-hop together getting in the groove to move while your dog simply rolls over and shakes your hand.

A candid YouTube video taken of the two hip-hop lovers is all the proof we need to see that this master and his dog couldn’t be more alike. A friend points a camera into the bedroom of the owner as he sits in only a pair of shorts and is working on his laptop with his dog sitting next to him.



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