You’ll Never Guess How This Little Dog Changed A Small Boy’s Life Forever. Simply Astonishing!

One look at Hannah, and you’ll the idea that she’s already been through a lot. No, I’m not talking about a person, but rather a small furry dog who has nothing to offer but love and positivity to those around her.

Image Source: Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs

Hannah was found in a tiny cat carrier, in the middle of a rainstorm. What’s even disturbing besides the fact that she was left alone in a cold wet place, is that she just recently gave birth to six pups, who are with her during that time.

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Thankfully, Hannah and her puppies were rescued, and her babies were all adopted shortly after. But life did not get any better for any this poor dog. Although she was dearly loved by the woman who adopted her, the same woman who saved her family from the storm became homeless.

She was left in a shelter but a bigger, more dreadful news came to Hannah. There, it has discovered that Hannah has cancer. To top it all off, the shelter she was sent to was a high kill one. A high kill shelter is one where the shelter has a limit number of pets they can accommodate at a time. Once that limit is reached, older dogs will be euthanized to make way space for new incomers.

The good thing is Hannah was rescued, for the second time.

She was on her way to a clinic where her cancer is to be treated, but then, due to travel issues and such, never made it to her destination. She ended up in the care of Second Chance Rescue, in New York City.

What happens next will leave you in awe.

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