When This Couple Pulled Frozen Wolf Out Of The River They Didn’t Expect This To Happen

Frozen Wolf Stuck in Icy Water with no Heartbeat gets CPR

We live in a quaint world. There are stories of unthinkable and unimaginable violence and cruelty. Then there are stories or bravery, selflessness, and inexplicable kindness. Animals and humans have coexisted for thousands of years. Some animals have been domesticated and some have remained in the wild. This fine line is rarely crossed. While there is the story of a pet lion and a tamed tiger, wild animals don’t really trigger a loving emotion, especially if they are a threat in some way. Wolves are certainly not treated in a way dogs and cats are treated or for that matter the humble birds and pet fishes. Yet, a couple in Italy proved that humaneness trumps every reservation.
A wolf named Navarre was found stuck in icy waters, frozen and unable to move at all. Passersby spotted the wolf and two men went out on the icy river to rescue the wolf. Bringing Navarre to the riverbank, it was clear that he was not breathing and he probably did not have a heartbeat. A couple got down to inspect his vital signs. He had no heartbeat. The man tried to exert some pressure on his chest so his heart could start pumping.

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