Just When All Hope Was Lost…They Introduce Their ‘Lifeless’ Son To The Dog…And THIS Happens! I am Crying!

Amongst the many forms of mental therapy, there exists one which only a few people know of.

The Animal Therapy method has started to become more and more popular with a much higher success rate than previously expected. We already know that many kinds of pets possess a mutual loving aspect. A pet dog, for example, will be more loyal and will show more love to his master than any other. These qualities of pets make them a perfect companion any therapist needs to achieve a successful therapy.

We see an example of this in the video which you can see at the end of this article. Here, a child named Caleb ends up in a tragic head on accident while in a vehicle and suffers a traumatic brain injury or TBI. This makes him unable to move or speak or perform any kind of action at all in the initial stages of recovery.

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Some say that this stage is the most difficult to push your way out from. Many therapists strive to find the perfect method to successfully heal the patient once he’s in this stage. This is possible, however, through animal therapy. This is what we see in Caleb’s example. Amazingly, where Caleb’s revival seemed impossible, it came to be just because of the help of a dog named curdle.
Caleb’s parents had lost hope. They were expecting no such results which they saw at the end, to their own surprise. When the doctor suggested the animal therapy method, Caleb’s father approved it with a heavy heart. But as soon as the therapy started, he knew he’d made the right choice.

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