See How This Poor Dog Living On The Streets Was Transformed By Love And A Little Bit Of Care!

This homeless stray dog was roaming the streets scared, nameless, alone, and hungry. The footage shows people pass him by, unsure of how to approach him because of what he might do.

He walks close to ever-passing feet searching for someone to see him- to love him. But, alas, no one gives him even a moment. As the days go by his hunger pains sharpen and his hair grows matted. The paws of his feet burn from the scorching concrete beneath him and his body grows weak from lack of water. He is innocent- born into the world that he did not choose, forsaken, lost, forgotten… invisible.

Finally, a local rescue, Howl of a Dog, learns about his situation and attempts to help him find a forever home. Each day they attempt to approach him with treats in order to earn his trust. The abuse he has endured his entire life leads him to fear them, so he runs away- always to return to his cardboard box. Each day he believes a little bit more that they might be able to help him- until one day he finally gives in. A biscuit and an open hand greet him and offer him more love than he has ever known in all of his life.

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