They Thought They Lost Their Dog Forever, But Then This Happened! Just, Amazing!

Time and time again, hundreds of dogs go missing on one particular day. Pets that go missing every time the Fourth of July arrives seems to have no end. Every time this day draws by, and firecrackers can be seen and heard, dogs get scared out of their lives, and try to find a hiding place that they sometimes end up in an unfortunate spot.

Hope for Paws are one of the rescue groups that have received numerous reports and saved the lives of pets that have gone missing during the 4th or July. One particular rescue video that I wanted to share with you was a rescue mission involving an injured Mastiff in late 2016.
Hope For Paws responded to a call by a good Samaritan who saw a gentle giant with a swollen leg, starving and have no access to clean water and an excellent place to rest. The said mastiff was found in the L.A. River near Santa Monica by a tourist to happened to be at the perfect time and place.
When Eldad and Lisa came on the scene, they saw the poor injured dog with one of his front legs severely swollen. He was limping and apparently in pain. He can barely walk and badly needed help. The two set to work and tried to corner the gentle mastiff. They had to be careful not to scare him or else he’ll end up straight to the ocean.
The Mastiff tried to go far away from them, but then changed his mind and decided to outrun the two. He was limping and running at the same time, and was about to escape the two when suddenly…
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