7 Tips to Eliminate the Separation Anxiety In Your Dog And Make Your Dog Happier

Dogs are defined as social animals, and they want nothing more than to be on the side of their owners every time.

Unfortunately, there are times that you need to leave your dog especially when you are going to work. Most of us constantly thought that our pet will be just fine whenever we shut our door, but that is not the case. Most dogs experience separation anxiety and this result to constant barking which can be annoying to the neighbors. Here are some proven ways on how to alleviate the separation anxiety of your dog.
Comforting Your Dogs When Leaving For Work

1. Walking the Dog before Going to Work-When you want to make sure that your dog will be just fine when you leave for work, you have to exhaust his energy. A dog experiencing separation anxiety is bad news but a dog experiencing separation anxiety and have a high amount of energy is much worse. Exercise can relax your dog emotionally and physically. Furthermore, it is a good form of exercise for you.
2. Dog Walker-The best possible scenario would be to hire someone that will pet the dog once you go to work. You can also hire a dog walker that will provide a trip to your dog and diminish his separation anxiety.
3. Dog Toys-On the off chance that you can’t find somebody who will provide a company to your pet dog, giving him lots of dog toys would be an ideal thing. These toys are a great diversion for your dog. There are dog toys that have hidden treats inside them but do not rely on these toys too much. Once the dog found the hidden treat, they will start to get bored.
4. Adopting second dog-most dog owners thought that having a second dog will only worsen the scenario but in reality, there are dogs that can build companionship with other pets. But before you settle on the second dog, highly consider the personality of the dog, gender, size and the breed of the dog.

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