Almost 300 Animals Were Rescued On Texas Property – All In An Extreme State Of Long-Term Neglect

The more pets, the better, right? You get more love, more furry friends to cuddle, more of everything! But what happens when the numbers go out of hand?

Just recently, the Houston Humane Society posted a series of heartbreaking photos of an animal rescue mission. The animals involved? Nearly 300 animals were seized from a Texas property.

Initially, Texas police officers came to a property after someone reported a case of animal cruelty. So, they went to investigate. However, the scene that unfolded before them is something they have never expected to find.

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Hundreds of animals are seen in horrible conditions. Because of this, the deputies at Grimes County Sheriff came back with a search warrant. They wanted to see just how bad the case was and for them to be able to help the poor animals.

After the search, the officers found a total of 242 dogs all living in filth. Their rusty old cages were full of feces and urine. Various small dog breeds made up the 242 dogs, some of which are hairless and powder puff Chinese Crested Dogs, Pomeranians and Min Pins.

Image Source: Houston Humane Society

Inside the building, they found 49 more animals that were clear cases of neglect. Shetland and Miniature Horses got their hooves curling because apparently, no one cared enough to cut them off.

Image Source: Houston Humane Society

All of the animals are malnourished, living in squalor, had parasites in them, had extremely matted fur and are in extreme need of immediate vet care. However, that’s not all.

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