You Will Be Surprised When You Find Out Why Dogs Are Howling At The Moon

Reasons Why Your Dogs Howl During the Night

A lot of people wonder why dogs like howling at the moon. It may be very annoying at times, but there are actually reasons behind these circumstances. Dogs do not literally howl at the moon, it may only look like it, but dogs have more meaning behind this gesture.
Here are some of the reasons why your dog howls at night:
1. It’s in their blood. Wolves are the ancestors of your pups and dogs, and wolves are often associated howling at the moon, but they don’t howl because of the moon. The reason behind this event is that wolves are nocturnal type of animals. They are known to go around during the night which is usually the time the moon goes up. When wolves howl, they often bend their head back to increase its fullness which makes it look like they’re looking up at the moon.
2. They can communicate better at night. Even if your dogs are not nocturnal, they can hear better at night. This is because there are lesser activities compared during the day. During the night, there is lesser atmospheric sound which makes it easier for sound to travel. It’s the best time for the dogs in your neighborhood to communicate with each other.
3. During full moon, there’s better light. When the moon is full, this usually gives your dog’s better sight because of the light. More light means that they can see all the critters on your lawn or backyard. If your dog is inside your house, try to cover the window with curtains so that you can minimize the light that your dog sees.

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