These Black And Yellow Labradors Are Playing In The Snow You Will Want To Join When You See Them.

Labradors Are Magnificent Dogs.

They love to play in the water, they also love to play in the snow. The were bred to retrieve things during hunting and their double coat protects them from getting cold or wet. And for that reason they are very weather resistant. They can play in the cold snow or in the water. Also labradors’ short fur will dry much faster than dog’s whose fur is long. These two guys love jumping in the snow and chasing each other. This is the perfect weather for these labradors and they enjoy it to the fullest. Also as you will see in the video this is the New Years Day and the whole family is probably in a good celebratory mood…

Friendly competition in a soft snow…
Very cute how they are chasing each other around..
Noticed Something Intersting….Maybe another animal.

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