This Dog Goes To Shelter To Pick Out Her Own Kitten To Take Home

Some kittens were not interesting for Raven, not enough to indicate they had started to like one another. But Woodhouse was different. Raven was visibly drawn to Woodhouse and the latter, although very small, did not have any adverse response to the larger puppy.
Image credit: instagram /raven_and_woodhouse
It was pretty clear they would be great friends.
As a puppy and kitten, they bonded for life and became the best of friends. They would cuddle all the time, play, rest together and also celebrate their birthdays together. As they grew up, they continued to be merry on their own, playing tags, getting treats and relaxing together. They don’t cuddle as much as they did when they were younger but they do look out for each other all the time. They are inseparable in many ways. When one eats, the other supervises. When one is in some discomfort, the other one knows. This is one friendship of siblings that the owner is proud of and rightfully so.
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Main mage credit:  instagram /raven_and_woodhouse
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