A Dog With A Massive Wound Luckily Dodged The Euthanasia List. How? See For Yourself!

After placing the draining tube and suturing the massive gaping wound on Gregor’s neck, he worked his magic on the remaining smaller holes and wounds. He will be given antibiotics to help him heal properly and fast. He has little fleas and big ticks needed managing so he was given one of many tick fleas medicated baths. Doc Matthew had him neutered while he sleeps too.

Another thing that broke my heart was when Dr. Matthew had to wet Gregor, a lot of the scabs started to fall off, and one can clearly see the extent of the skin damage. The fur where his large gash of the wound is located is literally coming off of him. When the vet tried to get a hold of some of his fur and pulled with a little bit of force, the fur will slide right off of his skin. The extent of trauma it had taken a toll on the poor dog.

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After being under the anesthesia for quite a long time, Gregor finally awoke. He was still groggy from all the anesthesia, but hey, it’s better to wake up groggy than to never wake up again right?

Four days after Gregor’s surgery, Dr. Matt is ready to pull out the draining tube. It was still draining a bit, but not too much anymore. The good news is he is eating well, he is gaining weight, just needed to be cleaned off of the drainage that got stuck in his skin. He was also starting to become less afraid of the people who were trying to help him.

Two and a half weeks later, Dr. Matt finally pulled out the stitches made on Gregory’s wounds. A small wound needs more time to heal so Doc had him continuously under antibiotics.

A few more weeks after being saved from the Euthanasia list, they were able to finally put a leash around his neck, which only meant one thing – Gregor had made a great recovery! He may need a few more days or weeks to fully heal all of his wounds, but he is nonetheless happy, healthy and safe. He was super excited to be taken out of the clinic, and was jumping, licking and wagging his tail showing just how much ready he is to play!

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