A Dog With A Massive Wound Luckily Dodged The Euthanasia List. How? See For Yourself!

One can clearly see how much he’s grown to love the people who saved him, especially his vet, Dr. Matt. It’s so uplifting and warms my heart so much to know that another dog’s life was rescued, given another chance at life, and was healed with love, care and support from people who genuinely love their craft. It takes more than just sympathy to save a life, and the people who have dedicated their lives to saving these poor souls are what truly makes this world a better place.

By fixing the injuries of homeless or stray dogs, such organizations like Vet Ranch are able to make the impossible possible – making these lonely dogs who have so much love to give be adaptable enough that a perfect foster home is waiting for them to come home. I can only hope more organizations will be inspired by these brave and good souls who want nothing but the best for dogs.

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I love how Dr. Matt ended the video. The fact that he acknowledged his viewers and how thankful he is for all who watches their rescue videos and everyone who helped donate what they can to make things possible. The humbleness of people like him are like a God-given gift, and no one can argue that it is people like him who are these dog’s angels here on earth.

What can we do today to help such organizations thrive and be much more successful? Please let us know in the comment below!

Watch Gregor’s amazing road to recovery video below!

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