This Dog Video Will Make You Cry Tears Of Joy!

There is nothing like a beautiful, heartwarming video of a dog to get my waterworks going.

When I watch a video of a dog that strikes me in just the right way, I can’t help it. I start crying. My husband tells me that I have a true soft spot for dogs and other animals. He’s not wrong. We have four dogs, two cats, a ferret, three parakeets, and a hedgehog. As you can imagine, that makes for quite an animal family!

I love animals, so I love watching adorable animal videos. One that I saw quite recently touched my heart in the most profound way. It is the story of a dog named Pumpkin. My guess is that when you learn more about this wonderful dog, you’re going to be crying at the end of the video, as well!

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Amazing, Heartwarming Dog Video
Pumpkin was abused, tormented, and left to die on the streets of Houston. This is a city that can get quite hot during the warmer months of the year, particularly during the last month or two of the summer. No dog should ever be abandoned, but the weather and average temperatures in certain places make this fact even more apparent. There is no way to know what Pumpkin would be doing right now if it weren’t for something that is quite frankly a miracle.

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