Girl Overcomes Her Fear Of Dogs To Do Something Amazing

16 Year Old Anita, Scared Of Dogs, Rescue of Alfeiya

There are dog lovers and dog haters. The count of the latter may be minuscule compared to the former but the difference exists. Equidistant from both are those who are just not comfortable with dogs. Many people don’t like the idea of being very close or friendly to animals. Some people don’t like dogs cuddling and licking. Some are averse to the idea of having a pet inside the home. Many people like to watch pets of others but would rather not have one in their home. It could be responsibility, the fear of not being able to care enough, the training and time required to groom the pet or any of the other challenges.
Kids have a more simplified perception about pets. They don’t really delve into the details or complications as adults do. Kids are either very happy and safe to be with dogs or they are shaky, scared and perhaps not too fond of being close to the canines for uniquely personal reasons. Anita Valkova was among the latter. She did not like dogs and was rather scared of them. But when she spotted Alfeiya in trouble, she could not just walk past or ignore everything she was encountering.

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