Goldie, The Unwanted Dog’s Story. It’s A Miracle She’s Still Alive!

Bali, Indonesia. A place where many dreamt of visiting because of its wonderful sandy beaches, the warm hospital offered by generous settlers and rolling surfs. Know as the most popular island holiday destination in the archipelago of Indonesia. However, what most people fail to realize is that this paradise may not be a safe haven for dogs. Like many places around the world, many less fortunate dogs are experiencing things that should be happening to man’s best friend.

Amidst all the beauty of Bali which attracts tourists far and wide, what many people don’t know that it is one of the places where animal are trying to stay alive. The challenges these animals face on a daily basis are so shocking, a dog owner and lover like myself poured many tears while watching a video I am going to share with you later on.

A sweet female dog was abused, neglected and starved to death was found in a. This is the unwanted dog’s story – the Story of Goldie.

Goldie was a beautiful Labrador. One fateful day, her owner decided to cut her ties with this amazingly sweet dog. What did her owner do to get rid of her? She did not leave her in the streets to live the life of a stray dog. She may or may not have abused her and caused injuries to her. But what she did to this unwanted dog Goldie was something unimaginable, inhumane and so disturbing.

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Her owner threw Goldie, the unwanted dog in a stormwater drain, right on the side of a busy road. What’s worse is that he put the lid back on, trapping the poor dog with no other way out. The helpless unwanted dog was left to die, alone, in the dark and surrounded by filth, trash, dirty water, and other unimaginable stuff found in the drain. Her very own prison.She tried to bark until no sound is heard, her voice quieted down by hard pouring rain, the noisy traffic and the lid that seals her in her torture chamber. She tried calling for help, but barking was no use – no attention was attracted by the sad pleas of the poor, unwanted dog.

She stayed there for who knows how long, surrounded by rubbish, where anything that you can possibly imagine will float during heavy rains passes her. With no source of clean water and food. Goldie, the unwanted dog was starving, scared, and incredibly alone. No one knows the kind of torture she was able to endure, the kind of suffering she experienced during her weeks, and a full month of being trapped in hell. 

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