The Pit Bull Who Suffered Horrible Injuries In Dog Fighting Finally Rescued

We can all agree that dog fighting is one of the most inhumane, disgusting practices going today.

Thankfully, a variety of organizations, as well as law enforcement officials, have gone a long way towards shutting many of these rings down. The sadistic perpetrators are brought to justice. The dogs are nursed back to health, taught to trust humans, and then released to a lucky, loving owner. As depressing as things can be sometimes, it is important to remember that all of these things happen on a daily basis.

I know I have to remind myself of that. Pit bulls are unfortunately the target of vile misconceptions about their attitude and behavior. These misconceptions help fuel the dog fighting world to a certain extent since pit bulls are the breed most often used in this horrific contests. As the owner of two pits, one of which came from a rescue, I am only too familiar with what the worst of humanity is sometimes capable of.
That’s why I sometimes need to watch animal rescue videos. For me personally, pits who have been rescued from dog fighting rings are some of my favorite videos to experience. I recently saw an extraordinary video that involves a pit bull puppy, a dog fighting ring, and the injuries this poor creature experienced as a result of its involvement with that ring. When you watch the video for yourself, I think you’re going to have two reactions.
pit bull rescued from dog fighting

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