GONE VIRAL: Baby Wouldn’t Stop Screaming…Now See What The Dog Does About It. Hilarious!

In a 30 second video gone viral on YouTube, a sweet baby and his puppy best friend get into a screaming match going back and forth taking turns making the loudest noise they can.

As the dog bellows, the baby is absolutely mesmerized by its friend and watches very intently. This video, while short, truly displays the intuitive and special connection between infants and dogs.

Some people are nervous to leave their small infants around dogs out of the fear of how unpredictable they can be. However, there are the select few who truly are able to reap the benefits of allowing their babies to develop a loving relationship with their dogs and they are able to watch that bond grow all throughout their lives.
Whenever kind, loving dogs are allowed to bond with infants, what usually happens is that they become fiercely protective of them… just as if the baby is their own pup.

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This kind of bond does so much more than just allow the baby to develop a relationship with the family dog. It also helps to spike baby’s brain, social, and personality development and teaches them how to interact with animals and nature very early on. Babies who are allowed to become close to a responsible and loving dog often make friends easier and show a greater love for other people. This is mostly because the love of a dog is so unconditional and it teaches babies from very early on how to be gentle, how to play, how to snuggle, how to have adventures, and most of all, how to love with all of their hearts.

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