Someone Found A Tiny Chihuahua In A Dumpster Now See What Happened Next. Awesome!

The good news is that someone discovered the dog and rescued it. The dog was suffering from a couple of broken legs, amongst other things, and it was clear that the dog was going to need care as soon as possible. Her new name is Darla, and authorities are still trying to find anything in the way of evidence. Obviously, the authorities would love to discover the monster who could even imagine hurting a dog like this.
chihuahua rescue
Images: Credit: SRJC,  Source: TheDodo
Darla was fitted with casts, and she continues to receive the very best of care. In reading this story, I think it’s important to remember that dogs are rescued every single day. When you think about the dogs who are still being abused and mistreated, remember all of the dogs who are being saved by people. Darla now has a new life that is so far removed from all of the horrible things she was made to endure. Her story ends on a positive note. Believe it or not, but there are a lot of stories that end like that!

You can read the full story this review is based on at TheDodo
Images: Credit: SRJC,  Source: TheDodo

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