Matted Dog’s Hair – Easy Ways to Prevent And Deal With Matted Fur

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Us humans, especially those with long hair struggle with bed hair all the time. Detangling and combing is such a tiring task. However, when it comes to matted dog hair, it can get out of hand and become dangerous for your dog.

When your favorite canine gets matted dog hair, it is not only ugly to look. It gets dirty, smelly and sometimes be painful. A worst case scenario is what you thought to be a simple matted dog hair becomes a health issue. That’s right! It may look a bit uncomfortable, which it really is, but it goes far beyond that. The fact matted dog hair is uncomfortable and can hurt your dog should be enough reason to prevent it.

If your dog is not a natural dreadlock like Pulis or Komondors, then there should be no reason for you to allow dreadlocks from developing. Why? Because matted dog hairs and dreadlocks can pose serious health problems like the following:

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  • For one, you can be charged with animal cruelty due to neglect or dereliction of dog duty.
  • Dogs with matted hair are always itching, irritable and uncomfortable.
  • Matted dog hair can cause nasty infections. The skin underneath the matted hair can become red, inflamed, moist and yeasty. This can cause skin infections like candida which causes great pain for your pooch.
  • A dog’s infected skin can cause gross smell due to its inability to heal, pus and yeast present.
  • Bugs and pests get attracted to the bad smell and maggots can thrive on the decaying skin.
  • If the maggots or larvae bring another infection which in turn can lead to a more serious and in worst cases, a fatal infection.

Matted hair is not uncommon for dogs especially those who have long fur. Add that to the fact that they are little fur balls of energy makes the matting even worse. But before you choose the razor over your dog’s comb and brush, know that there is still a way to help prevent this.

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.