The Touch, For This Poor Abused Dog Is A Foreign Feeling… Just Watch How It Changes Him!

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A Heartbreaking  Reaction Of An Abused Dog To A Loving Touch

A heartbreaking video that has gone viral wherein a lady was seen petting an abused dog, while the dog let out an agonizing cry has broken the hearts of millions of people. You will witness how a supposed to be fierce dog shrink back in fear after the lady extends his hand to the dog. That is probably the normal reaction of the dog towards his previous master. I couldn’t imagine the amount of suffering that he has to bear while he is in the hand of his previous owner. It’s like abuse is a natural part of the reality of the dog. It is heartbreaking, fuming and disappointing, to say the least.

Poor Abused Dog

A Heartbreaking Cry of the Abused Dog
We have watched the video of a dog having a terrible wound, but all of them managed to get back to their normal state, thanks to the help of the rescuers. One thing that you will learn in the video that has gone viral is that the emotional wounds are the hardest injury to heal.

Poor Abused Dog
When the rescuers extended her hand to pet the dog, the fragile little dog let out a shivering cry that will just leave your heart broken. It is as if you are hearing the cry of a real human that is pleading to let him be and explaining that he didn’t do anything wrong to receive punishment. He didn’t fight back, he just shrunk and cried and accepted everything. It is as if his mind has been conditioned that it is just futile to fight back, and anything he will do can only worsen the situation. The only thing the dog can do is to let out a cry and accept his fate. Cry and the pain may be diminished.

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