This Pit Bull Falls In Love With Kitten And Their Video Is Amazing

Pit Bull And A Kitten

And that’s exactly what she got. As you can learn from the pictures and videos, Sharra’s pit bull Roxy quickly fell in love with the tiny kitten. It is worth keeping in mind that Roxy herself was an abused, abandoned stray at some point. I’m not saying Roxy could send this in the kitten, but the pit’s reaction is certainly surprising. Even though pit bulls are known for being some of the sweetest dogs you could ever hope to come across, it is still hard to imagine one having a deep, profound bond to a kitten. Nonetheless, it sounds like this is exactly what has happened. This kitten now has more than just a home. It has a friend for life.
pit bull and a kitten
image source: thedodo
The kitten is now known as Crenshaw. Their relationship continues to delight Sharra. Now, the story of Roxy and Crenshaw is a story that is going to delight absolutely everyone. This is one of the cutest animal friendship stories I have come across in a really long time!

You can read the full story this review is based on at TheDodo
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