Two Huge German Shepherds and One Small Lab Pup!

Two huge German Shepherd dogs playing with a small Labrador Retriever puppy and the puppy seems to be in charge.

source: dogblab

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The owner is there to make sure that nothing happens to this cute little puppy. These German Shepherds are very well trained and they probably would restrain themselves without the owner instructing them.

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 source: dogblab

But it is very interesting to see how little lab puppy is interacting with them even when these huge dogs are somewhat aggressive.

germand shepherd with baby
source: wikipedia

 German Shepherds , Labrador Retrievers are the two of the most popular breeds. They are very loyal easy to train, loving and caring breeds of dog.  This two “giants” shouldn’t present any real danger to this little puppy. It is amazing to watch them interact!

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