Woman Pretends To Be Hurt To Lure Injured Dog To Safety

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Young Woman Shows How To Lure A Hungry Evasive Dog

How do you tame an angry dog that seems to be lost, is perhaps hurt and clueless about where it used to live or where it has come from, is certainly not friendly towards those who are trying to get close to it and is perhaps going to get into trouble being at large in the open?
There are many things you can do. You can call in the local shelter or the animal rescue, you can get your friends and try to feed the dog or someone really deft can try to take the dog home. Capturing stray dogs and getting the rescue team to take the dog to a shelter are rather convenient solutions. What a young woman did is smart, unique and commendable.
The dog is now being called Baby Bear. It was spotted wandering near Mt. Ranier in Washington. Many locals tried to get close to the dog, tried to tame it and feed it but the dog was resistive of all such attempts. It was not clear why. The dog was not ferocious or a threat to anyone. That is perhaps what prompted or game the two young women the courage to try out a crafty approach.
Girlfriends Amanda Guarascio and Dylan Parkinson came to know about the dog and spotted it at the side of the road. They stopped their car and tried to coax Baby Bear for hours. They tried to feed Baby Bear but with no success.

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.