10 Least Obedient Dogs Number #10 Will Surprise You

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A dog can be a man’s best friend as many can allude to across the country and beyond, but some are far more amenable to becoming that than others.

Here is a list of the 10 least obedient dogs you can ever meet:

10 Least Obedient Dogs: #1 – Afghan hound

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The Afghan is used to chasing the prey over long distances, and this makes it an independent dog. This can also make training a real challenge, but surely it stands it in good stead since it requires the aloofness to get the prey after a long chase.

Afghan houndc
image source: Bryan Ungard

10 Least Obedient Dogs: #2 – Chow Chow

The Chow Chowis not eager to please you and is quite cat-like in the way act and respond to their owner or trainer. They are surely smart and need conviction to do what you require of them.
Chow Chow
image source: Hey Paul


10 Least Obedient Dogs:#3 – Basenji

This breed is aloof and really independent having been bred as a hunting hound. Full of energy, they love to play, and you can explore this to get them to develop interest in training as they get used to you.
image source: Svenska Mässan


10 Least Obedient Dogs: #4 – Bulldog

The Bulldog is very intelligent but chooses to do its own bidding and responds slowly to its owner. This can be a drawback for those already used to the response rate of breeds like the Sheepdog that responds fast to training. The Bulldog is smart, and a couple has also become famous in sports like skateboarding.
image source: Michael Gil


10 Least Obedient Dogs:5 – Bloodhound

This breed of dogs come across as bossy and always wants to have their way. Trainers have a hard time taming them although they are remarkably affectionate. Aligning your way with theirs will make life easy for you.
image source: John Leslie


10 Least Obedient Dogs: #6 – Pekingese

The Pekingese comes on as an attention seeker and are not stubborn. Viewed as intelligent and courageous, they were bred as the lap dog of Chinese royals.
image source: Frans Brewis

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