5 Best Ways To Make Friends With Your Cat!

Got a cat? Are you struggling to understand what your cat wants and needs, and when it actually wants to be around you or be left alone? Cats are one of the most complex creatures, and since they don’t share the same language as we do, we often find it hard to properly care for them.

Luckily, the internet is free, and I’ve found the perfect video to help us decode our cat’s language.

Here are the 5 Best Ways To Make Friends With Your Cat

  1. The Cat’s Tail

You cat’s tail is raised.

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If your cat’s tail is raised upward and curled, it means your cat is happy.

Your cat’s tail twitches occasionally.

Occasional tail twitches can mean your cat is either excited or worried about something. Vets also say that when a cat jerks its tail nervously or it keeps on knocking its tail on the floor, it can mean that the cat is either stressed or is experiencing pain. It is best to take it to the vet.

Your cats’ fur on its tail juts out.

If a cat’s fur on its tail juts out in different directions, it can mean two things – it is either very excited or very threatened. Cats usually fluff their tail to create an illusion that they are larger than their original size. It is trying to scare its enemy by trying to show it is really big.

You cats’ tail vibrates.

When cats are agitated or when they are happy to see you, they tend to slightly vibrate their tails. Or, it can mean it is excited about waiting for something, possibly a threat.

You cats’ tail sticks straight up.

If you see your car sticks its tail straight up and its back bents to for the letter “N”, this can be a sign of an extreme case of aggression. It usually occurs when the cat is trying to defend itself. If no threat is found, you can try calming your cat by petting it.

You cats’ tail is inclined at a low angle.

An inclined and straight tail means the cat is slightly frightened or aggressive. When a cat tends to be around someone and is not sure if that someone is a friend or a foe, it keeps its tail at a 45 degrees angle.

You cats’ tail is lowered.

If frightened, a cat tends to lower its tail, or maybe, it feels guilty of something. Yes, cats can feel guilt too.  If they tuck their tail between their paws, it means they are afraid. Also, this is a sign of submission and insecurity. Your cat might have done something it knows you’ll be concerned about, so try to check around your house.

You cats’ tail wags from side to side.

This means your cat is angry. Better try to leave him alone so as not to anger its any further. It can also mean it wants to play with you. You may often see cats wag their tails while sitting next to someone and feels satisfied. It only means they are checking if an enemy is hiding behind its back.

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