This Animal Hero Rescues Poor Hungry Dog Left To Die In An Abandoned House!

One of the things I love about social media is that it can be used as a tool for amazing good.

You can use Facebook and other sites to find lost children, reunite people, and even find homes or care for animals that have been abandoned. I think we sometimes forget just how great Facebook can be at all of those crucial things.

I belong to a couple of Facebook groups. One is pug lovers, and the other one is a rescue group that tries to do something in our area about abandoned pit bulls. The people I have been able to meet are just wonderful. It’s good to know that so many animal heroes are out there, doing what they can to help our animal friends.

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I came across one of the most heartwarming, beautiful animal rescue stories recently. When you read it for yourself, you are going to realize two things. The first thing you will appreciate is the fact that Facebook and other social media sites can be used for so much good, despite what some cynics will tell you. The second thing you will appreciate is the amazing bond that occurs in the story of Dusty and Shelly.


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