This Dog Was Neglected And Abandoned Now He Finds Comfort In The Only Thing Connecting Him To His Old Life…His Old Stuffed Toy!

The Sad Story Of An Abandoned Dog And A Stuffed Animal

I hate sad endings. To be honest with you, I’m not even particularly fond of the bittersweet kind. Animal stories can really tear me up in this regard. Maybe, I’m a little too emotional for my own good. What I know for sure is that even with the sad animal stories that still offer a happy ending, I sometimes have a hard time getting through them.

And the stories that start sad, and unfortunately end on a sad note? Those can mess me up even more.

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But even in those stories, you can sometimes find moments of beauty and warmth. You can find moments that can make the more unbearable parts of life a little easier to get through. A story I came across recently that involves an abandoned dog and an abandoned stuffed animal proves my point. I’ll admit to you here and now that the end of the story isn’t the happiest of conclusions. However, I can promise you that within this story, you will still find something that is going to prove to be deeply moving to you.

An Abandoned Dog Finds Comfort
An individual snapped some pictures of a dog cuddling with a stuffed animal. At first, the individual in question simply took pictures of something they thought was very sweet. Then it dawned on them that the dog was actually abandoned.
forgotten dog

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