The Gruesome Reality That Pet Stores Will Never Let You Know Is Finally Revealed.


Ever wonder where your beloved pet could have originated if they were not from a shelter? Dog mills, as they are commonly called, are places where hundreds of dogs are used mainly for breeding. They don’t leave their kennels much, if ever, and they barely have enough room to walk and exercise their legs. This is where most pet stores get their supply of dogs to sell.

Image Source: FB Page of Shut down Petland in Kennesaw, Ga

The dogs who live in dog mills have only one purpose – to make and bear pups.

Their environment is not the best either. Add that up with poor sanitation, limited to no health checkups, no proper exercise, and limited diet, it’s no wonder why most dogs and pups end up being ill and dying shortly after.

Although these dog mills are completely legal, they don’t offer much care for the poor canines. According to the HSUS or the Humane Society of the United States, it is legal to keep hundreds of dogs meant for breeding. Their only requirements? A cage large enough for the dogs to turn, some food and water.

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Image Source: FB Page of Shut down Petland in Kennesaw, Ga

It’s heartbreaking to find out that there is the kind of place where our beloved pooches could have possibly come from. To think you are taking your sweet time taking care of your pet, only to find out lots of others are kept alive just to breed and be sold to pet stores who do not have a littlest care for these animals is absurd.

Petland, a famous family-owned pet shop in Kennesaw, Georgia is now on the hot seat after numerous reports and cases filed against them.

Customers have reported that they bought puppies on the said store, only for their pooches to turn out sick. Some are even ill, while other dogs died in just a short amount of time after being sold.

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