A Dog With A Massive Wound Luckily Dodged The Euthanasia List. How? See For Yourself!

What does it feel like, be on a death row? Vet Ranch, an animal rescue group was able to save a beautiful poor soul just a mere hour before he was scheduled to die. How lucky do you have to be in order to be saved just less than 60 minutes before they put you to sleep together? Apparently, this thing does not happen every day, and Gregor to be a very lucky boy.

A poor old soul was listed to be put down the very same day, a mere hour before they finalized his death sentence. Why was he listed on the pound’s Euthanasia list? Gregor has very bad wounds, and according to Dr. Matt’s observation, it may or may not be bite dogs caused by other dogs. Without veterinary care, the people at the pound must have included him on the Euthanasia list.

The scared dog was apprehensive at Dr. Matt at first, and it was totally understandable since he just lucky got off the hook from meeting the angel of death. He was never violent or aggressive, just plain scared and terrified.

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To start making Gregor feel better, Dr. Matt had him under anesthesia so he could take a better look at his wound and check what the best course of action would be. The problem is the vet barely touched his injured neck, yet a lot of blood was already pooling his examination table. Once the scared injured dog was flipped over, he was able to clearly see the gaping wound.

Poor Greg has about a four inches gaping wound right on his neck. Based on the vet’s observation, he should be at least 1 and ½ year old. The vet scrubbed his body, shaved the part where the wound was and around it, and assessed the dog’s body while he still under anesthesia.

He flushed the insides of the wounded tissue, will cut out new fresh edges around the wound so he could stitch it and heal and will insert a drain tube so all pus will not build up and have a way out of his system.

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