Dog Who’s Afraid Of Everything Finally Wagged Her Tail For The First Time

Earning somebody’s trust is a no easy job. You have got to put a lot of effort, show them that you care and give them enough time until they are ready to trust. This is exactly what happened to a foster dad when he opened up his home to a dog who’s afraid of everything.

Rocky Kanaka has been fostering rescue dogs for many years now. He was able to care for broken dogs with different stories. But Blossom is a very special case.

Blossom and 150 other dogs came to a shelter after being rescued from a hoarding situation. Rocky came where Blossom was at along with his team and the rescue community with the goal of clearing up the shelter with rescued dogs.

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He found Blossom shaking under a bed. The little dog seemed to be terrified of the newcomers, which as understandable. Little did Rocky know that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Rocky took Blossom home and tried to make Blossom get used to her foster home. However, after sitting with Blossom in the garage, she started shaking. Nothing could have ever prepared the experienced foster dad for something as extreme as Blossom’s case.

According to Rocky, Blossom mentally shut down. She would hide for days, only coming out to eat the home-cooked dog food her new foster dad makes her and to use the bathroom. Once she’s done, she goes back to her hiding spot.

Rocky learned soon enough that his new rescue dog didn’t know how to be a dog. She doesn’t know how to drink water so he has to make home-cooked meals to add moisture to her body.

She never felt grass and would shake everytime her paws comes in contact with it. She’s even afraid of sunlight. If you look at Blossom in the eye, she would try to run away and hide. It seems all Blossom knows is how to be afraid of everything.

Her foster dad thought it would only take a few weeks before Blossom opens up. Weeks became months, but slowly, everything changed thanks to Rocky’s determination to help Blossom.

One day, Rocky moved her hiding spot – the dining table and built her a room.

She slowly opened up and many of her “firsts” happened.

She started to eat her meals by letting Rocky hand fed her. While she’s still afraid and nervous, she would slowly come to Rocky and eat from his hand. All this is happening while she visible shakes.

Then she drank water for the first time after seeing her foster sibling drink from a bowl. Then she started to sit next to Rocky and let him pet her. She started greeting other rescue dogs.

One day, Blossom ran happily and wagged her tail for the first time – months after being rescued. It was an incredible moment for Rocky, and was extremely happy with Blossom’s progress. While she a long way to go before she can move to a forever home, the improvement was overwhelming especially for her foster dad.

Image Source: Rocky Kanaka

This just goes to show that with patience, love, and determination, Rocky was able to help Blossom recover from trauma. She finally learned how to trust and how to be a dog.

Watch Blossom’s amazing story here!

This review is based on a story by The Dodo.

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