What This Family Did This After Learning That Their Dog Had A Friend On The Streets Is Super Cool

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Family Finds Their Lost Dog After Seven Years

How long can you wait for your missing dog? You could search for weeks. Some will search for months. Then it is human for anyone to give up. No one would keep looking for a missing dog for years. One hopes that their beloved pet is alright but then the mind does meander into negative pondering. One is helpless.
When the Montez family lost their dog Corky in 2009, it was heartbreaking. They had filed missing complaints, they had tried to look for Corky and they did try everything they could but for the family comprising of papa Montez, mamma Montez, a son and a daughter, life had to move on. Since then, the Montez family had welcomed another son but they didn’t really get around having another dog.
Seven years later, the Montez family received a phone call from the Humane Society of North Texas. A dog had been brought in after being rescued from a busy street. The dog was apparently wandering along with another one eyed dog named Captain. Corky had a microchip which helped the staff at the Humane Society of North Texas to track down Jimmy Montez and his family. For the Montez family, it was a bolt from the blue, albeit a pleasant one.
Jimmy Montez immediately drove out with his family to get Corky home. There was no other thoughts, no other ifs, and/or buts. The sheer reality that they could reunite with Corky was an unbelievable development.
dog had friend
Captain (left) and Corky (rigtht) (Image Source: Washington Post / Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

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