(AWESOME) These 7 Week Old Labrador Puppies Playing In The Snow Are SImply Irresistible

This is awesome! We Love this! This is one of those videos that we want to go back and re-watch.

These cute 7 weeks old Lab puppies are having so much fun playing, eating and running outside in the cold winter snow. And if you think that they are uncomfortably cold, they are far from it, just from all of the running and jumping. This is very important time for them. They are bonding with each other and learn to socialize and be around other dogs. This is a very important time in their developmental cycle. This is the time that will be determining how they behave and what their personality will be in the future. And of course, they will still be trained, etc. These cute guys look amazingly energetic running on top of the white snow. And with their dark fur it is such an amazing contrast to see these tiny fur ball’s fast movement… 🙂
Small Fur Balls Choc Lab Puppies Are Running Through The Snow!labrador puppies playing in snow
The owner is here to pet little guys and they can’t wait to be petted!labrador puppies playing in snow

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