What An Awful Man Did To This Poor Dog In Detroit Would Leave You Asking For Justice!

Animal abuse is still prevalent, but I believe everyone can agree that dog lovers and owners everywhere are sick and tired of it.

It seems every day, more and more dogs are reportedly neglected and abused by irresponsible owners who should never be given the chance to own another dog or pet, ever again. If the numbers of animal abuse continue to rise, what more of the cases that were not shared and publicized?

Justice has to prevail, and dog abuser should be punished accordingly. It is almost every day that such stories flood the internet, breaking the hearts of lovers and owners of dogs everywhere. This has to stop, hopefully, sooner than later.

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Just this June, news broke after the rescue story of a poor dog was shared on the news and social media a couple of times. A sweet dog was seen being dragged by a man who constantly beat him until he passed out.

Residents in Detroit were horrified after seeing a dog tied on the back of a man’s bike with an extension cord. Now some may say it’s not that bad, but not when the man is relentlessly dragging the poor dog with him while he pedals away! The worst thing is he continuously beat up the poor dog with the bike, only stopping when the residents stepped in.

The dog who was named Justice collapsed after the abuse. Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue was contacted by the kind residents and when they arrived, they found the horrific scene.

The German Shepherd Mix fell unconscious after the malicious act of abuse. The poor dog was estimated to be around 7 or 8 years old sustained injuries during the incident, but that’s not all.

Image Source: Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue

After being checked and treated at the Center Line Veterinary Hospital, vets found more bad news.

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