Check Out This Amazing Puppy Dumpster Rescue Story!

I have a Beagle, a Rottweiler, and a Poodle. Not surprisingly, you are talking about three very different breeds of dogs.

It also probably won’t surprise you to discover that you are also talking about three very different personalities, as well.

Different personalities means different responses to situations. I can honestly guess how each of my dogs would likely react to a certain situation. A lightning storm is a good example of what I am talking about. Leaving some food on the coffee table would have to be another one. How each of my dogs respond to strangers would be yet another example.

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A recent story I came across made me think about all of this. A poor puppy was recently found behind a dumpster. Unfortunately, when rescuers tried to remove the dog from such a horrendous situation, it refused to go anywhere. It refused to respond. This is the kind of visual that can cause the stomach of a dog-lover to become tied up in some pretty painful knots. These are the sorts of visuals that make us feel truly helpless. I know my poodle would probably respond in a way similar to that puppy. She already has some pretty severe problems with anxiety as it relates to other people.

But we cannot give in completely to despair. We should never stop trying. We should never stop trying to rescue these dogs from these sorts of situations. The story of this puppy and the dumpster is a really good indicator of what I am talking about.
Image Source: Eldad Hagar @ Flickr

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