This Symbiotic Relationship Between Dog and Baby Elephant Saved A Life

Depression Is Not Unique To Humans.

Animals too suffer from depression. There is a limited scientific study to indicate how depression affects animals and when it sets in or what causes it, but there is enough research to infer that animals have a range of emotions, including sadness. When animals can be sad, they are certainly vulnerable to depression.
Depression has been studied in many animals, including dogs, monkeys, and elephants. Apart from scientific studies or clinical trials, there are real life stories of dogs and elephants suffering from depression. You just need to ask pet lovers and mahouts who deal with these animals every day.
Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage rescued a baby elephant, who has been named by the staff as Ellie. According to the rescuer Karen Trendler, Ellie was sad. He was very young, rejected by his herd, he was broody and physically inactive. Elephants are not known for a lot of activity but baby elephants are different. They are more active if not hyperactive like dogs or some other animals. Elephants are also broody but they do like to eat, bathe and have some fun with objects they get hold of. Ellie was not ordinarily broody but excessively pondering over his fate.

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